Why TSF?

Unlike corporate training facilities which offer the same standard workout to all their clients, Top Shape Fitness

provides educated and experienced staff members who design individualized exercise programs. Founder

and personal trainer Alan Lee established this training facility out of a sincere desire to benefit those in his



Top Shape Fitness takes the extra expense out of personal training. Why sign up for a gym membership

and then pay extra for a personal trainer. Our one-on-one training focuses specifically on your individualized

needs. Whether you are suffering from a debilitating ailment or just looking to tone up, our clients have made

improvements in all areas of health.


Our goal at Top Shape Fitness is to work within your budget and provide you Top Shape health. Don’t wait

another day to start your journey to a healthier new you! Come in today and speak with one of our trainers, who

will customize a workout regimen tailored to your individual needs.