Bianca Binno

Bianca has over 2 years of experience with one-on-one personal training. She is certified through the

International Fitness Professional Association and has a Bachelor’s degree from Oakland University. A former

IFBB Professional competitor, this girl knows what it takes to have a fit model physique.

Bianca, a former client, has taken her own personal journey and transformed herself into one of the

most sought after trainers by young women today. Being a featured extra in big screen movies, she has

learned the ins and outs of what it takes to be a show stopper. Bianca’s philosophy is that failure is not an

option. If you are willing to work, she will give you the tools for success. She knows what it takes to get that

“ideal” vivacious body and makes every workout an exciting and intense session. If you are looking to tone up

and lose weight, Bianca can customize all workouts to your personal needs.

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