Demarco J.


Alan and Top Shape Fitness are a HUGE part of my career! Without God and Alan’s expertise I would NOT be where I am today, and for that I am forever in debt to Alan.

Dmarco J. (Professional Model for Ford Model Agency)


Brenna B.

Brenna Before and After

I am 37 yr old mom with a 7 yr old daughter. I have always exercised and tried to keep fit and healthy.

But everyday life gets busy and some things fall by the wayside. I have always been committed to the

gym, but sometimes don’t eat as well as I could. Over the years I have contemplated doing a fitness

competition. In July I finally became frustrated with myself and my extra pounds. I decided to commit

myself to doing a fitness competition. I was referred to Top Shape Fitness, to trainer Bianca Binno.

Bianca is very sweet and has a great understanding of the body and nutrition. I worked with Bianca for

12 weeks. I was amazed how her workout and nutrition plan transformed my body. I followed her plan to

the “T” and got the results she told me I would. I took 1st place in my height class! I can’t thank Bianca

enough. Her knowledge and expertise in physical fitness was invaluable to me and was the key to my

win. She gave me every middle aged woman’s dream, to have my high school body back and I’d say an

even better one! All the employees at the gym were nice and even came to watch my competition. I loved

the atmosphere of the Top Shape gym, laid back and very welcoming. I won’t lie, I dreaded some of the

exercises Bianca had me do, but they work!!!! I am looking forward to my next sessions with Bianca. 

Brenna B.


Tom C.



This is what I looked like prior to Top Shape Fitness… Alan Lee and his team know how to transform lives… I am living proof of that!

Tom C.

Brandon D.

brandon before and after

I went into TFS looking to enter a competition in the summer of 2012. Alan suggested I do the last one of the season in 2011 (Western Michigan) and so it began. 48 weeks later, I stepped onto that stage in Grandville Michgan in the best shape of my life.

Alan helped me with everything from things like my lifting technique, sets/rep ranges, nutrition plan etc. He was able to tailor all aspects of my contest prep to my body/physique. He was there every step of the way inside Top Shape Fitness, as well as outside the studio. I was never afraid to shoot him a text or call him about anything, anytime of the night ; he always got back with me.

Not only did I learn a lot about different training techniques and diet/nutrition, I learned a lot about myself. If you are willing to put the time in on your end, and take in all that Alan has to offer and use it to its fullest potential, I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Alan Lee and all the other trainers at Top Shape Fitness are stand up individuals and will always be there to help. It will become your home away from home. I know it did for me and I can honestly say, I stood on that stage 48 weeks after walking in the studio door for the first time in the best shape of my life with no regrets. 


Brandon D.


A’Llana J.

AlLanna J

During my journey to lose 100+ pounds, Bianca has taught me the importance of incorporating “clean”

and balanced way of eating, with cardio exercise and strength training. For me, this has made a

profound difference in my continued success toward a healthier lifestyle.

A’Llana J.



Patricia H.

I can’t say enough great things about Bianca and Top Shape Fitness. She creates unique workouts and

meal plans for each person. Her expertise and knowledge about life, health, and fitness has helped my

whole family. Bianca motivates me by reminding me of my improvements in our workouts. Before I

met Bianca I was scared she was going to make my body bulky, but as soon as I saw her it was evident

that she knows what she’s doing. My stamina and energy have dramatically increased and she helped

strengthen my back, which is a problem area for me because of a prior car accident. I never complain

about back pain anymore and my doctor could see a dramatic improvement. I truly feel amazing after

every workout. I’ll never stop going.

Patricia H.