Fitness Assessments

Want an honest and candid assessment of your current physical condition? We can help. An up-front fitness

assessment is an invaluable tool used to help design a personal training regimen that is better suited for your

individual needs.

Our fitness assessments include the following series of tests:


Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Measurements

We’ll run simple non-invasive tests to check your ticker to determine what level of strenuous activity is

right for you.


Body Mass Check

This is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.


Body Circumference Measurements

Body Circumference Measurements are a simple way to accurately estimate a person’s percentage

of body fat. The waist and hips are the most important measurements for determining potential health



Body Composition

In physical fitness, body composition is used to describe the percentage of fat, bone and muscle in

human bodies. Because muscular tissue takes up less space than fat tissue, your body composition,

as well as your weight, determines leanness. Two people at the same height and body weight may look

completely different from each other because of their different body composition.


Cardiovascular Efficiency Testing

A Treadmill Test is the basic test prescribed by doctors to check cardiovascular endurance wherein a

subject walks on a treadmill for a constant monitoring of the heart rate. Here, they check for a peak heart

rate and the time taken to reach it, as well as the time taken to return to a normal heart rate.


Muscular Strength

There are many types of tests for assessing muscular strength. Before beginning any training program, it

is important to get a good idea of your initial strength level.


Flexibility Test

Flexibility tests are performed to determine the limberness of a person’s body and where they experience

muscle and joint tightness.

To schedule a Fitness Assessment, please contact us at (586) 268-4280.